The Vector Licensing Story

US_Map_13617916Being licensed in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., puts Vector Solar in a unique position, one that is particularly advantageous for solar sales and installation companies. After all, you never know when a state will enact legislation that impacts the solar industry.

Vector Solar helps solar installers move into new markets quickly.

OK. We all know that solar markets can contract. Everybody knows that Nevada enacted legislation that pretty much shut down the residential solar market. On the other hand, states can and do enact legislation that causes the market for residential solar systems to explode! It’s happening on the East Coast right now.

Which is why leading solar installers all over the nation recognize that having a business relationship with Vector Solar makes it possible to move fast and open new markets. It’s part of the value that we bring to the business relationship.

Vector understands the realities associated with serving fast-growing markets …

Some people wonder, “How did Vector become licensed in every state?” We understand the realities associated with delivering professional services to fast-growing, volatile markets. We first became licensed in every state as a result of our Telecommunications practice. A telecom client would get a contract to install towers in several states, like the Southeast … or the Southwest … along the Eastern Seaboard or the Gulf Coast. Over several years, the map filled in. Finally, only the Dakotas were left, and finally, with the oil boom, Vector’s team of engineers were licensed in every state.

We’re looking forward to working with you … wherever you may be. Give us a call, or send us an email. You’ll be glad you did.