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America's Solar Engineering Firm

Vector Solar is a national leader in the U.S. solar industry. Licensed in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and D.C., we have prepared thousands of structural certifications and designs for leading commercial and residential solar installers from coast-to-coast.

Vector Solar is a division of Vector Structural Engineering. Founded in 2002, Vector has become part of the American engineering landscape. Geographically, our practice extends from the Hawaiian Islands to the Eastern Seaboard, from Alaska to Florida and the Gulf Coast. Likewise, we are active in many of the nation’s busiest sectors, including commercial buildings and projects, tract, custom and mountain homes, multifamily developments, signs, bridges, industrial, and telecommunications.

Real Value
Real Value

Skillful, licensed professionals.


1-2 business day certifications.


Licensed in all 50 states.


High growth sectors are our specialty. Over the years, Vector has developed proprietary systems and processes that enable to us accommodate extreme high growth sectors, like solar and telecom. It’s why we’re licensed in all 50 states–so companies have a single point of professional contact for the entire nation.


Value Engineering: The majority of our business is from clients that have been with Vector for many years. They have learned that Vector delivers sensible, technically sound engineering solutions, while maintaining a sense of urgency and sensitivity to their project schedules and budgets. We treat your business like it was our own–we understand how to be successful.

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“Vector’s response time has helped us get our plans into permitting faster than ever before. That, combined with their pricing, makes Vector part of our company’s success.”

Chad Hoffheins, Synergy Power PV